1999:  Establish Truc Quan workshop on an area of 200 m2 with 8 workers specializing in manufacturing spare parts and conveyors.

2001 :  Move to a larger workshop of 600 m2 and increasing labor workforce to more than 30 persons

2002, 2003, 2004:  annual turnover increased by 15 -25%

2005 :  Innovation in Technology and Investment in CNC machines bring positive outcomes with sales volume increasing by 40%

2006:  Transform to Truc Quan Conveyors Limited Company

2007:  Company Revenue goes up over 50% and head to the building of new factory in xuyen A industrial Zone

2008: Successfully launching curve 90o belt conveyor, aluminum profile frame applicable to confectionary manufacturing.

Penetrate into Rubber Technology

2009: Develop unique design for conveyors in Beverage sector,chicken splicing line and anti-dust roller for bulk material handling industry. Truc Quan JSC was established in Xuyen A Industrial Zone.

2010: Year-to-year revenue increase 50% with significant orders from FMCG, F&B and Electronics. Start building new factory in Xuyen A Industrial Zone

2011: Complete factory building with 2500m2 for production space and 400 m2 of office area. Relocate to new premise.

2012: Winning Projects of Integrate packing line conveyor system from P&G, Unilever and URC. Establish partnership with ABB in Robotics segment and develop designs for palletizing and pick & place system.

2013: Implement renovation of manufacturing Process - KAIZEN with support from senior volunteers of Japanes NGO – JICA. Deploy initial orders of robotics palletizer for box and bag.