About us

Dear prospective customer,

Truc Quan Conveyors was established in 1999 along with the booming of Industrial Zones in Vietnam. Our primary team of 12 employees focused on providing conveyors for customers surrounding HCMC areas.

We are today a company of 80 persons (both Conveyors and Hi-tech Rubbers) with one Sales office and a factory located in Xuyen A Industrial Zone encompass a production space of 4000 m2 . Our foundation is  the combination of latest manufaturing technology and talented people while maintaining solid commitment of safety, quality and performance to each of our  customer, one project at a time.  

Here at Truc Quan, we have developed more than 100 designs of conveyors supplying for various customers coming from different industries like FMCG, F&B, Electronic, Wood Industries etc. Annually, a significance of our profit is invested in continuous research for improvement and development new products and forms that allows us to anticipate international and local market requirements

We pride ourselves in being partner of supplying conveyors and belt conveyors for more than 180 customers inbound and outbound. With track records of providing conveyors solutions to local and multinational conglomerates such as P&G, Unilever, URC, Bosch  etc, We also wish to offer workable solutions to other prospective customers.

The recent globalization trend comes with both opportunities and challenges. Continuously enhancing competitive advantages through improving manufacturing capability is no longer far from customers’ mind. Thoroughly understanding those concerns, Truc Quan consistently stay focused on its process  innovation and automation to not only satisfy but exceed our customers’ ever changing needs. Our companion with dearest clients on the jourmey of aiming market top players in the global financial crisis and local economic turmoil have made us a recognized and trusted partner.

At Truc Quan, diversity and inclusion defines our business and people. With an inclusive environment where diversity can flourish, creativity and innovation are fostered, enabling us to create some of the most technically sophisticated products in the market.

Our commitment to ensuring our client are completely satisfied with the quality of the products, services and support they receive on an ongoing basis based on five main goals: exceptional consultancy service, cost effective on investment, sustanability product , excellent after sale services and open feedback.

Our vision is to be the most trusted provider of conveyors and technologies that ensure our customer effective and efficient manufacturing. We never forget our humble inception and never stop moving forward by living our company values. In so doing, Truc Quan will become our customers’ partner of choice, our industry’s employer of choice and our future shareholders’ investment of choice

Best regards


Tran Hong Quang

Managing director